Risk Solution

We take the hunches and high-cost out of performing continual cybersecurity assessments. Our patent-pending approach allows security teams to provide the risk metrics that their directors expect. Specifically, we:

(1) automate cybersecurity risk assessments and make them quantifiable, scalable, and repeatable;

(2) provide prescriptive recommendations for reducing risk exposures;

(3) help develop security initiative business cases;

(4) allow technical analysts to easily communicate their security plans;

(5) allow teams to focus on continuous improvement rather than constantly reacting to change; and

(6) raise alerts if specified risk thresholds are exceeded.

Our cloud-based software is designed for organizations of all sizes. Customers purchase subscriptions to specific business operation models such as a custom web or an online-banking implementation. Each of these models is constructed by analyzing the attack-surface for an operation in great detail both initially and as security conditions change. This analysis also allows us to provide expert configuration, defense, and detection recommendations that can improve security via our software. We sell our operation models as shared resources – durable assets that are created once and then sold many times. This approach allows us to extend our value to all organizations, particularly those who would otherwise not be able to afford risk analyses.

Our software delivers risk-based assessments based upon a model that incorporates threats, technologies, security controls, policies, and potential consequences. It calculates risk exposure for an extensive set of maturity levels and automatically searches for improved security strategies that meet risk reduction goals and align with an operation’s existing budgets, people and processes.


Our patent-pending approach to risk is quantitative which brings rigor and repeatability to the results. It also allows users to compare against other organizations as well as measure their progress over time. We also consider how time affects risk exposure including both forward and backward looking forecasts of threat activity, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses. This allows us to be the only solution on the market that is able to provide the. risk metrics that their directors expect.


Our solution has many other features and advantages:
  1. Role-based dashboards: the software supports risk managers, IT analysts, security analysts, and business analysts. Each role can choose from a variety of widgets that allow users to monitor their current status, goals, and the components that most affect their risk.
  2. Recommendations: risk managers can set risk reduction goals. Their security, IT, and business teams can construct plans using a catalog of recommendations assembled by our system.
  3. Business case development: users can leverage the change in risk exposure expected from a recommended course of action to determine the return on investment which allows them to justify their expenditure
  4. Alerts: users receive alerts when risk thresholds are exceeded. They also are notified when significant changes to the threat landscape can affect their operations. For example, the system will inform the team about new vulnerabilities that are currently being exploited.
  5. Reports: users can create reports that easily communicate past, current, and expected risk exposures for any number of scenarios
  6. Automated analysis: users do not need to trigger assessments

Taken together, these features allow organizations to focus on continuous improvement rather than constantly reacting to change. There is no comparison to Sikernes.

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