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More than two-thirds of members of the nation’s board of directors lack confidence in their companies’ ability to thwart attacks.  Executive teams, business-line owners, customers, and shareholders share their concerns.

The reason for their distrust is that companies fail to use traditional risk assessment metrics.  Instead, cybersecurity teams provide lists of security technologies, peer comparisons, and audit & compliance reports to directors. To people accustomed to detailed risk assessments, these data amount to mere hunches.


Hunches do not make for great cybersecurity.  The cybersecurity landscape is riddled with both uncertainty and variability, leading to a level of complexity that makes sophisticated risk assessments extremely time consuming and resource intensive. Doing them occasionally, let alone routinely, lies beyond the reach of most organizations.


Our software implements proven techniques using a risk model that incorporates threats, technologies, security controls, policies, and potential consequences. We calculate risk exposure for an extensive set of maturity levels and automatically searches for improved security strategies that meet risk reduction goals and align with an operation’s existing budgets, people and processes.


Sikernes was founded in 2014 by Roderick Flores and Bri Rolston to address the inexplicable lack of proper risk assessments in the cybersecurity industry. We have completed the alpha version of its software that allows for specific operations to be assessed and are working on a beta-release.



Founder and CEO – Roderick Flores has over 20 years of experience in high-performance software engineering, modeling & simulation, systems architecture, cybersecurity, and risk management. He has primarily worked for start-ups across a variety of industries. Roderick holds a BS/MS in Solid Earth Geophysics from New Mexico Tech, a patent, and a certificate in Viticulture from Washington State.


Founder and VP Marketing & Sales – Alyssa Callahan has over 10 years of experience in project and program management including large government contracts as well as deep experience in modeling and test evaluation. She ran her own business for 10 years before joining Sikernes and continues to operate a small marketing firm. Alyssa holds a PMP certification, MS in Hydrology from New Mexico Tech and a BS Environmental Science from Evergreen State.


Founder and VP Development – Erik Anderson is a stellar newcomer to modeling and cybersecurity. Having joined us in 2014, he has quickly risen to take over our software development and much of our model design and implementation. He also has worked in power systems, web design, and quality control automation. Erik holds a BS in Computer Engineering with an Honors Baccalaureate and minors in Computer Science and Hispanic Studies from Montana State.


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